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Software development is a continuous learning, your skills today are old tomorrow.

People make the organisation. Having a well rounded personality helps you achieve more, by doing more. Alligator believes that it is journey for all and its beyond success at work.  Growth in more areas is healthy for the mind and soul.


A range of activities, designed and developed through the cooperation of all our team members, are done almost every day and every week! Festivals are organised with pomp and show. Many team building activities are part of it too. A book reading and Audio Visual club picks topics around individual and organisational development, that has a profound impact on their professional and personal life. Outdoor events bring better bonding and respect for individuals. Impressions of virtues and values emerge amongst all. It’s great opportunity for people to display their leadership, team spirit and be sporting when times are tough.  Some of the daily fun activities find people coaching the beginners into becoming Pro’s