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At Alligator a career is truly a career. Our members are groomed each day to bring out the potential in themselves and for their customers. It is profound, most of our customers, are repeat customers. People who join Alligator have very long tenures of enjoyable growth. We prepare everyone for the next level. A great emphasis is set on self development and being at the top of the latest in the industry.  Interaction, exchange of ideas, solving technical complexities are held with our US team and clients on a daily basis.


There are several opportunities to showcase your talent through Global meets and participating in local seminars. Encouraging and sponsoring certifications for our team members, gives an extra edge to developing each ones expertise and worth. Our team brings over a hundred man-years of experience, that sets mature process and technical excellence in our design, development and quality assurance. Our core values focus on Accountability, Positive Attitude, Stewardship and Excellence. It sets us apart from a mere company to team of highly engaged and talent individuals. Alligator has sets its vision to be the ‘best place to work’ in South India.